If you’re someone who is passionate about changing the lives of vulnerable children, social work may just be the right path for you. Whether you’re looking to put your first foot on the ladder, or are looking for a new direction, here at London Borough of Sutton we have a wide range of opportunities. Ranging from CIN social worker jobs, to deputy team manager roles, you’re sure to find the right role for you.


No matter your current position in the job market, it’s safe to say that choosing a career in social work is a rewarding one. Whilst it can seem tiresome and hard work to dedicate your life to helping others, nothing is quite as fulfilling. When people ask you what you do for a living, you can confidently say that you change lives for the better, and social work is proven to be satisfying time and time again.


Here at London Borough of Sutton, we believe that by having a solid foundation and good team structure, we can achieve truly amazing results. To view all our job opportunities, visit our website today, or get in touch with the team on matthew.longbotham@kingston.gov.uk.

London Borough of Sutton- CIN Social Workers