Hospital Pathway: the team is multidisciplinary with the inclusion of embedded occupational therapy staff and Admiral Nurses. The team work to reduce handoffs and responds to the hospital discharge process as set out in the Care Act.


START Team: Through additional investment by the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group the service has been able to extend its services to all people leaving hospital care, so does not solely focus on those that have an eligible social care need.


Locality Teams: The two locality teams will link much more closely with the 3 GP clusters in the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group. These teams respond to new service requests and also handle on-going case work and reviews from within their catchments.



Mental Health Team: Responds to requests for Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) as well as mental health referrals, case work and reviews.


Transitions Team: This is a joint team combining both Children and Adult Social Workers, working with Children with Disabilities from the age of 14 to 21 and in some cases 25.

Community Social Work Team: Provides important developmental capacity that encourages the community and individual to become more self supporting.


Clinical Health Team: Funded by the Sutton Clinical Commissioning this is a multi disciplinary team that has a focus on people with learning disabilities.



Initial Contact, Carers and Care Account Team: This team is at the centre of our response to the new demands generated by the Care Act. We have invested resources at the ‘front door’, and being able to short circuit the referral and assessment process to reduce handoffs and delays, ensuring that we provide a swift response to simple need and reduce the need for people to tell their story where they have longer term or more complex needs.


Safeguarding Team: The Safeguarding Team coordinates all adult safeguarding activity across the service.


Adult Safeguarding Coordinator: Works directly with the Multi Agency Partnership and Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board in fulfilling its statutory duties under the Care Act.